NBA Playoffs 2014: First Round, First Day Results

nba playoffs results
NBA Playoffs 2014 results

The first day of the 2014 National Basketball Association (NBA) Playoffs had three teams, enjoying homecourt advantage, found themselves in the losing end.

It’s just one game, but it can change the face of the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

Indiana Pacers vs Atlanta Hawks
NBA Playoffs 2014: Pacers vs. Hawks
Credit: @NBA on Twitter

Indiana Pacers, the top-seeded Eastern Conference team, lost big-time to the eight-seeded Atlanta Hawks, 101-93. It was only the first game of the post-season and the Pacers already lost the homecourt that it was fighting for during the entire regular season. Did they focus too much on the Miami Heat and overlooked the power of the other teams in the East?

NBA Playoffs 2014: LA Clippers vs GS Warriors
NBA Playoffs 2014: Clippers vs. Warriors
Credit: @NBA on Twitter

The Golden State Warriors edge out the Los Angeles Clippers in a foul-plagued game, 109-105. Blake Griffin fouled out of the game after playing only 19 minutes. Griffin was charged his third personal foul with just less than four minutes into the game. That spelled doom for the Clippers though they got a good opportunity to steal the game in the end.

NBA Playoffs 2014: Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors
NBA Playoffs 2014: Raptors vs. Nets
Credit: @NBA on Twitter

An aging Brooklyn Nets were able to find a way to beat the youngsters of the Toronto Raptors, 94-87. With some fans dubbing this game as Dinosaurs vs. Raptors, the Nets proved that age is not a gauge on who’s going to win a basketball game.

NBA Playoffs 2014: OKC Thunder vs Memphis Grizzlies
NBA Playoffs 2014: Thunder vs. Grizzlies
Credit: @NBA on Twitter

Only the Oklahoma City Thunder has defended their homecourt advantage against the equally gritty Memphis Grizzlies, 100-86. Kevin Durant and the Thunder were able to hold off the rampaging Grizzlies and grabbed the upper-hand in the best-of-seven series.

Check out the complete schedule of live games during the entire first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs by clicking here.

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