Millions of Crabs Walks on Australia’s Christmas Island (Video)

crab walk
Crab walk:
Credit: Di Masters

Millions of crabs started walking to migrate on Australia’s Christmas island. This annual phenomenon reportedly occurs as the rainy season starts at the end of each year.

Reports say that over 40 million adult red crabs walks about 9-kilometers or approximately 5.5 miles “from the middle of the island to the Indian Ocean to breed and spawn.”

Male crabs were the first group to migrate and dig burrows for the females crabs.

According to the Australian Geographic, in about five to seven days later, the females stay in the burrows for about two weeks after breeding. Crab eggs will be released by the female crabs during high tide and the sea water will wash out the eggs. After a month, baby crabs will began walking back into the shore.

Watch below the annual crab migration on Australia’s Christmas Island.

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