Mayweather wins vs Pacquiao running round by round

Mayweather wins vs Pacquiao 2015

Mayweather wins vs Pacquiao 2015

Floyd Mayweather Jr. turns to Mayrunning as he ran rings around Manny Pacquiao for almost 12 rounds. In the end, the undisputed American boxing champion claimed the victory over the Filipino fighter. It seems like a marathon fight as Mayweather ran away from Pacquiao in all rounds.

It was a unanimous win for Mayweather as he moves quicker than the lighter Pacquiao. All judges scored the bout for Mayweather. Judge Dave Moretti gave it to Mayweather by a lopsided 118-110 count — which translates to 10-2 in rounds — while judges Glenn Feldman and Burt Clements each had it 116-112, or 8-4 in rounds.

Mayweather, kept Pacquiao at bay with timely punches, raised his undefeated record to 48-0. Pacquiao went down with 57-6-2 record.

Pacquiao failed to connect on his power punches against the quicker Mayweather.

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