Giant Rubik’s Cube: Interactive Puzzle Facade Glows in Linz, Austria (Video)

Puzzle Facade Giant Rubik's Cube
Puzzle Facade: Giant Interactive Rubik’s Cube
Credit: Vimeo Video Grab/ Javier Lloret

The Ars Electronica exhibition centre building in Linz, Austria was converted into a giant interactive Rubik’s Cube called Puzzle Facade.

A report by Daily Mail said that the entire building was illuminated with colored lights that duplicated the six-sided colored Rubik’s Cube.

Puzzle Facade was part of Javier Lloret’s thesis of the Interface Culture master program at the Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz, Austria.

According to the Puzzle Facade creator, “The player interacts with a specially designed interface-cube. The interface-cube holds electronic components inside that allow for it keep track of its orientation and the rotations of each side of the cube.”

Below is a video showing the Puzzle Facade a the City of Linz.


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