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Apple iPhone 6 Price

Should you buy an iPhone 6 immediately upon its release? The iPhone 6 is expected to be out in the market on September. A released date of the iPhone 6 has not been officially issued by Apple. With just two weeks before the release of the iPhone 6, rumors has been circulating about the price […]

iPhone 6 Rumors: New iPhone 6 Image Leaked (Photo)

iPhone 6 latest leaked photo Credit: Forbes Is the latest iPhone 6 photo for real or a fake? Rumors surrounding Apple iPhone 6 is expected to continue making rounds over the internet before its actual release date. The latest rumor about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 is a leaked image of the purported smartphone. iPhone 6 […]

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display Features Among Latest Rumors

Latest Apple iPhone 6 rumors say that the upcoming smartphone model will feature a sapphire crystal display. These iPhone 6 rumors will surely continue to pile up until the actual release date comes. Reports say that Apple will have a sapphire crystal display manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona that can produce 116 million 5-inch displays […]