Word of the Year 2013 is ‘Privacy’, says Dictionary.com

word of the year 2013

Privacy was named Word of the Year 2013 by Dictionary.com.

Privacy has been named 2013 Word of the Year by Dictionary.com. The controversial word was chosen as the top word for 2013 over other popular terms that include cronut, sequester, shutdown, share, Obamacare and 3D printing.

The dictionary website defines privacy “the state of being free from intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life and affairs.”

Intense debates on the NSA and other government surveillance programs led to the popularity and awareness of the word privacy.

Dictionary.com CEO Michele Turner explained that privacy‘s definition “may need to be revised to address our freedom from intrusion by anyone, from governments to corporations to individuals.” Turner added that as they have “considered how to update the definition of privacy, it became clear that it stands as the single word that had the biggest impact in 2013.”

Among the events that led to the popularity of the term privacy include Edward Snowden’s leaking of classified NSA data, complaints over TSA security procedures and the introduction of Google Glass.

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