Video of Two Russian Daredevils Climbing The Shanghai Tower Went Viral

Russians climb Shanghai Tower
Russians climb Shanghai Tower
Credit: Video Grab

Would you like to have a walk through from ground zero to the peak of the second tallest building in China?

Two self-proclaimed Russian daredevil scaled the Shanghai Tower, world’s second tallest building in Shanghai China. The two reportedly sneak inside the still unfinished structure and made their way to the top.

The pair of climbers recorded their feat on video and have reached over 630 meters or 2,067 feet.

Construction of the Shanghai Tower is ongoing and is expected to be completed this year.

The video showed the two, wearing black hoodies, walking up stairs, climbing ladders and finally scaling a crane at the top of the Shanghai Tower as they peered at buildings shrouded in clouds below.

As of posting, the YouTube video of raskalovit, published on Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 already gained over3 million views and close to 20,000 comments.

Watch the two Russian daredevils below.


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