Stradivarius violin found: $5M Lipinski Strad found in Milwaukee attic (Video)

stradivarius violin found
Stradivarius violin known as Lipinski Strad
Credit: Video Grab

A $5 million Stradivarius violin was found by authorities in Milwaukee on Thursday, February 6, 2014. The 300-year-old violin was reportedly stolen from Frank Almond, a concertmaster at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, last January 27, 2014.

The recovery of the Stradivarius violin resulted into the arrest of three suspects with police records of art theft.

Reports say that the Stradivarius violin is also known as Lipinski Strad, from one of its early owner named Karol Lipinski.

The Lipinski strad was built in 1715 and less than 650 units still exist. Almond got the Stradivarius violin on permanent loan from an anonymous owner.

Watch the video news about the Stradivarius violin found in a Milwaukee attic.


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