Raymond Fortun to defend Cedric Lee vs Vhong Navarro

Raymond Fortun
Raymond Fortun: Cedric Lee lawyer vs. Vhong Navarro
Credit: FB page of Raymond Fortun

Attorney Raymond Fortun has accepted the task to defend Cedric Lee, who, together with Deniece Cornejo is facing mauling charges against Vhong Navarro. The lawyer confirmed that he will handle the Cedric Lee case vs Vhong Navarro on his Facebook page.

Fortun is a high-profile lawyer who became an instant celebrity when he handled the impeachment case of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada in 2000.

Vhong Navarro filed charges against the group of Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee after he was allegedly setup and assaulted by the group.

Everyone may have been surprised with the Fortun’s decision to accept the case. In a post on his FB page, Fortun explained:

I love the underdog. I never rooted for Michael Jordan because he was too good. I never cheered for Jaworski either, because everybody seemed to root for Ginebra. I enjoy the good fight, and i relish handling the toughest cases. Lawyering for me has never been about the money. It’s about the pursuit for truth and justice, it’s about fairness and equality.

Because of what this powerful media network and the NBI have done way beyond their respective duties to the public, Cedric Lee is, in my eyes, an underdog. Justice must be served, but it must not be in accordance with the conductor’s beat of someone along Panay Avenue. So i contribute my voice into this dispute NOT TO TWIST THE TRUTH but to make sense of the madness. And i apologise to all of you if you think that i have let you down. At the end of the day, i concede that i cannot please everyone, but my only comfort is that i can face my Maker with a straight face and tell Him that i had done my duty to Him and to my profession.

What can you say about the decision of Atty. Raymond Fortun? Post your comments below this article.

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  2. FMC says:

    Lawyering is good. But the presence of so many lawyers in the Philippines contributed so much to the rust in the justice system in the Philippines. The truth is always being twisted because the “common sense” cannot stand in the court. A case that is very clear for verdict awaits so many many years just because of the role of money. Maybe it must be included in the law that the depending lawyer of the convicted criminal will also be sent to jail if they they will be proven twisting a story.

    • Maritess says:

      Good idea, I remember a friend who once told me that lawyer’s are the greatest liers on earth,(not all) like what you said they are so good in twisting stories. Remember money is the root of all evil, with the right amount the wrong can be right and right can be wrong.

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