Rare 14-foot Saber-toothed Whale on California Beach?

Saber-toothed whale
Saber-toothed whale
Image credit: Heal the Bay

Is it really a saber-toothed whale or just a mistaken identity? This was the question being raised by marine scientist on the reported 14-foot saber-toothed whale that washed on the shore of Venice Beach, a Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California last Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

The lifeless whale was named Stejneger’s beaked whale. It was recovered by the Stranding Response Team of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.

According to scientists, further study is necessary to really identify the carcass. One of the suggestion is to subject the whale’s tissue to a genetic test at the National Marine Fisheries Service Center.

Experts say that saber-toothed whales live in the cold waters of Bering Sea in Alaska. Having a saber-toothed whale in California may come as a surprise and needs to be further examined.

Since the whale is a female, no saber tooth can be seen from its lower jaw.

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