Plus size Barbie: Will Mattel re-size Barbie’s Waistline?

Are you agreeable to a plus size Barbie doll? Will Mattel start production of an expanded waistline version of Barbie?

The debate is on after a Facebook Page named Plus Size Modelling posted a question that asks netizens, “Should toy companies start making Plus sized Barbie dolls? As expected, the inquiry has attracted a lot of comments.

Below are some of the comments by FB users.

Vanessa McNeil Sure, but Barbie doesn’t need a double chin. You can be ‘plus size’ w/o the double chin. They could make a ‘thick’ Barbie.
Claire Phillips More curves, less chins !
Rachelle Kay Griffith The double chin is a little ridiculous, but I’m all for it.

Wanda Ward Not every big girl is unfit or unhealthy! I’m sick of people saying someone is unhealthy because of their size!!! An average size Barbie would be awesome and would probably boost confidence to millions of little girls everywhere!!!!! Being yourself is one of the most beautiful things!!!
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Andrew Schrock How bout a curvy in between barbie???done deal, make it, NO FAT, NO SKINNY, A HEALTHY DOLL
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Michelle Ashworth Why not have a realistically proportioned Barbie that promotes healthy diet and exercise?
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Lisa May Dixon This is not what plus size women looks like. This doll is a terrible impression of a plus size woman
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Florence Delcour Why? You asked for “real beauty” and you got it. She looks very realistic to me.
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Clo Banks she looks like a “plus-size model” – average “big girl”, no!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Sofija Fokeeva To make it clear – plus size doesnt always mean a double chin. Double chin comes from bad posture… which comes from insecurity…
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Rosh Sales what a load of rubbish!
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Yasulyn Madison doouble chins… no way not attractive… your stereotyping and not all plus people have double chins… yuck…. no double chins at all
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Lindsay Keg-leg Kahlig Thick yes but obese with double or teipple chins like this hell no. Average size these days is 14-16. A doll that shows real life perspective, rather than the ideal unhealthy weight like 0 or unhealthy negative display of obese is a better more healthy approach. Girls need to know, pole size is unhealthy and being an average weight isnt a bad thing at all. Most wemon are thicker and a hell of a lot healthier and more beautiful than freakin bean poles. Most models arent even that skinny anymore and its a shame that they get photo shopped to make the world believe they are. I vote yes for a thicker doll, but no to an obese doll .
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Tiffany Phoenix Johnson I agree we need to be more realistic, there are so few 6ft 90lb women, which is what these dolls are …but I don’t think the average is 14-16  I think 8-10 might be more average. I’m a 0-3 depending on the brand, my BMI is right in the middle of “healthy” – I am not bony, I have little curves, I think I’m pretty healthy.
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Larissa Brittan i’m 5″0 with curves, weigh 140 give or take the day of the week, and do moderate lifting and walk at least 6 km a day at work. I have a little cellulite on my ass and inner thighs. My biceps are godlike. I fake belly-dance as an exercise when I’m feeling low. I eat full carbs and protein like its going out of style. I am a modern healthy woman.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Traci Wagner Why not?? We already have those “Bratz” dolls that look like whores!!
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Meg Evan Also terrible, my God!!!
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Kathy Flood Worse thing the toy industry ever did to little girls!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Madison Jaquez Portraying Barbie as a realistic Women with real curves is a very good idea and would send the right message to young girls about self esteem. Making a morbidly obese Barbie is BAD!! A idea WORSE then the anorexic twig Barbie usually is. It’s telling young girls that it’s ok to over indulge and be unhealthy. Only in EMERRICAA!
Madison Jaquez's photo.
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CeCy Figueroa Totally agree with your opinión! / Totalmente de acuerdo! es bueno promover una imagen saludable para las niñas, más no estoy de acuerdo con la exageración de la foto anterior, tu foto, por otra parte si me parece mucho mejor!See Translation
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Ann Rosemary Cushley Madson those pictures are exactly how Bare should look///way to go !!!!!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Khaylee Burchfield Maybe not with all those chins……
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Vanessa Jackson Maybe not plus size but maybe average or healthier. cause u can be “thicker” & still be healthy. not all plus size woman eat unhealthy . So for u people saying that , u shiuld think differently . I am 5’8 … I am above 200 lbs but u DO NOT look like that picture. Society says someone with my height and age I shiukd be under 150. Sorry im NOT built like that . I LOVE my curves.
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Laurie Maltais-Laplante i hear ya girl me too
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Larissa Brittan 5″0 here, 140, tits and ass included  with you!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Victoria C Gallegos Okay i honestly don’t think how a barbie looks effects a child’s self esteem. When i was little i didn’t wanna look like barbie wtf? Lol. I didn’t think about my looks at all i just wanted to play…
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Rere Rose Right
Like · December 19 at 2:10pm

Kathy Perry Haven’t you seen the numerous girls who have modeled themselves after barbie? They have 22″ waists, had their eyes done and so many other plastic surgeries all because barbie is the “perfect” girl.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Elaine Cassin No Jesus Christ no!!!!
No one is naturally fat for gods sake, that’s sending the message to girls that it’s ok to look like this and be unhealthy.. How about we stop obsessing about being overweight and teach our children to eat healthy and get out and play…
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Meg Evan Thank God their is someone sane on here!
Like · 14 · December 19 at 10:43am

Shannon Bohan Catano agreed!!maybe if children (and adults for that matter!!) spent less time INSIDE, obsessing about what size BARBIE is?? (I mean, really?!) and spent more time outside exercising, the discussion of “Overweight Barbie” wouldn’t even have to exist!!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Lauren Johnson I think the double chin is ridiculous! But definitely should make a bigger barbie doll x
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Montell Clary why should they? you think anyone is going to buy it? nope!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Ellie Ray So the choice is anorexic barbie or obese barbie? Good one.
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Jack Chameleo If I thought this whole thing was just trolling, Ida “like”‘d it.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Jennifer Cantor Stephenson Wish there was an “average” Barbie. Not skinny, not obese. Normal proportions.
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Ann Rosemary Cushley Gret idea!!!!!
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Ron Wise Imagine a world where all the women are fat and happy…and all of the men are gay.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Teresa Weddington Imo this is horrible. Maybe make her a little fuller,but in no way promote obesity. Triple chins?? Really?? Im a curvy girl,but come on this is ridiculous.
Like · Reply · 37 · December 19 at 3:30am viamobile

Kimberly Wederstrandt-Titsworth I am obese myself and I don’t think this is a good idea. But making Barbie a little less stick thin is a good idea. I teach my children how to eat healthy and exercise and I am doing the same. I’m down 125 pounds.
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Rye Bread good job Kim  keep up the good work..
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Carla Bell Majority of the comments I’ve read say no, because kids look up to barbie, no cause fat is unhealthy, no cause no, no no no! I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But think about the things you’re saying. A doll as a kids roll model….? A doll that’s a size negative 2 at that! Being saverely under weight is just as unhealty as being over weight. And just because your plus size, doesn’t make you obese, or unhealthy. Some people are naturally bigger than others. There’s a reason too… We were all created differently and I think that I’d rather have my daughter play with a plus size barbie, wearing a little more clothes of course. They should come in different sizes shapes, height and ethnicity. And we as parents, aunts, & uncles should already be teaching our kids the importance of diversity, and healthy eating & exorcising
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Jb AnimalsaresentientBeings Dean I agree with you except for the importance of “exorcising.”
Like · December 26 at 1:52am

Wendy Troffer Darr I actually suggested a plus-size Barbie a few months ago! I have them in various skin tones, different ages, but not different shapes. A CURVY Barbie can certainly be pretty. Look at Torrid models!
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Kiara Settle Luv’nMe Just because your plus size does not mean your obese! Now I see why little kids are gettin bullied in school they have parents that is showing them how to be cruel mean and ignorant! Smh I feel bad for some of the people that commented on this! I’m plus size NOT OBESE just because we’re not skinny does not mean we’re not healthy! Do me a favor ass holes and look up the definition obesity!
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Meg Evan Many people who are plus size tell themselves they are not obese, it makes you feel better about yourself. “I’m just thick, curvy” Go to your doctor and ask him if you are obese. I am 5’11 (reasonably tall) and just under 200 pounds. I am considered over weight. My healthy weight should be around 150-160. If your BMI is over 25% you are over weight, over 30% is obese. This is a very large majority of people, including myself. Many people would look at me and want to slap me for calling my self fat, but the facts are the facts. Fat is unhealthy. Thick is fat. It is what it is.
Like · 8 · December 19 at 10:40am ·Edited

Feliciano Yabut Shes absolutely right. You’d be amazed by what people think is not obese. There’s a very fine line between overweight and obese. And then after that, there are degrees of obesity. Im not saying that you need to be skinny. Too skinny has its health problems as well, but plus size is not a weight class. Its a clothing type. You are at the very least overweight. My BMI is 26. Im classified as overweight. However, BMI is a weight/height ratio. Its not accurate because it doesnt take into account of muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat and therefore can skew the results. You would need calipers to correctly estimate BMI, something a doctor would have. Fat is unhealthy. It causes health problems and people like you are oblivious to reality because you do not want to accept it nor do anything to change it. As for the Barbie, great. If they make a doll more like the average woman. But saying, having an overweight body is acceptable is not. In society, to each their own, everyone can be beautiful, but in health its a problem. Fact.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Tisha Muse How about just a more realistic size. The average American woman is a 14/16 not a size 2
Like · Reply · 28 · December 19 at 3:52am viamobile

Meg Evan ….and realistically america is an obese nation  There are plenty of statistics on it. Look it up. Just cause these sizes are the norm, it does not mean its right!
Like · 12 · December 19 at 10:41am

Muf Brinson that is not average 7/9 average who u foolin
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Krystal Karametos The double chin is a bit over the top. But a realistic plus size Barbie would interesting
Like · Reply · 29 · December 19 at 2:52am viamobile

Nathan Patrick Herbert Absolutely!!! Then make Cancer Barbie, Transsexual Barbie, Muslim Barbie, Leper Barbie, and after all of that. Make Morbidly Obese Barbie. If little girls are dumb enough to be influenced by a doll. Then people should have some fun, and put Barbie in the worst situations. How about Hooker Barbie and Pimp Ken? Watch Ken bust Barbie’s lip with Pimp slap
Like · Reply · 24 · December 19 at 9:24am viamobile

Elle Stormfeather Ken would have to have junk first!
Like · 1 · December 24 at 3:17pm

Anthony DiGregorio Good Lord, wtf? I am in agreement with the majority!!! I saw this photo and I was appalled!!! If you want a full figured Barbie, that’s not a bad thing, as it will teach children that people DO come in all sizes…..take it one step further with oriental, latina, african american…….but all the chins? Really? I don’t think you captured FULL FIGURE very well……Obesity is a serious issue for many people, man and woman!!! You should be ashamed at posting the photo, not the idea…..that Barbie is OBESE, not FULL FIGURED!!! You sicken me.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Alexs Andrew Omg see all the negative comments on here about being obese! It’s not asking if they should make more dolls obese looking! Plus size doesn’t mean obese! It means woman have curves ! And I’m all for woman who have curves! Too many people just judge people by there’s looks which is disgusting!!!!
Like · Reply · 24 · December 19 at 3:40am viamobile

Adayla White why doesn’t this comment have more likes?
Like · 2 · December 19 at 4:22am

Mary Faith Ababat I think most of the comments here are saying the exact same thing as you. The problem is that the picture they included is an obese looking Barbie. So you are right that plus shouldn’t mean obese–if they want a plus size Barbie, then they should not have posted triple chin Barbie, just your average sized woman.
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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Beth Pryor First off not all plus size people have three chins… I know skinny girls that have three chins they could do better
Like · Reply · 24 · December 19 at 3:25am viamobile

Rye Bread I’ve never seen a skinny person with 3 chins..I’ve seen plenty of fat girls with 3 chins tho..Hmm..
Like · 11 hours ago
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Katie DiPietro Bonilla How about normally proportioned dolls with a healthy bodyweight. Promote health, not any ideal.
Like · Reply · 23 · December 19 at 4:53am

Ada Marie They should make them, but not to look like this. Plus size doesn’t mean triple chin, it just means the average lady because 95% of women are considered “plus size”.
Like · Reply · 49 · December 19 at 3:06am viamobile

Jill Seibert Absolutely not true!
Like · 5 · December 19 at 5:57am
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Jessie McDowell Kopp Woah. All this hate is uncalled for! The word fat is never okay! Some people are bigger than others and some people are smaller. I wish my daughter could see more variety in the dolls she plays with. I want her to be kind and compassionate. I want her to not judge anyone bases on weight, race, religion, sexual preference etc. Obviously some of your parents never taught you the importance of kindness and respect.
Like · Reply · 22 · December 21 at 12:22am viamobile

Kathleen Shimp I know people who would rather be called fat than overweight.
Like · December 24 at 3:58am

Emily Marie Dominguez Since when is fat a bad word? It’s a descriptive word just like tall, thin, blonde, etc. If you think it’s negative then you give power to those who want to make you feel bad about your weight/size/shape. I describe myself as fat and, if someone else calls me fat with the intention of hurting my feelings, I just tell them to tell me something I don’t know.
Like · 4 · December 24 at 6:50am

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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Rese Scarbor Full figured and curvy yes! Obese with with 5 chins…
Like · Reply · 20 · December 19 at 10:05pm viamobile

S Elle Yva true
Like · December 25 at 9:49am
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Leandra Bacolas We should meet in the middle and have a healthy barbie.
Like · Reply · 18 · December 19 at 7:24am viamobile

Emily Marie Dominguez What does a “healthy Barbie” look like? Fat people can be healthy just as thin people can be unhealthy. Health comes in all sizes.
Like · 3 · December 24 at 6:51am

Callista Roman A few exceptions don’t disprove the rule. A middle of the road weight is usually best. Someone can be fat and healthy, but people who are better off fat than not-fat are few and far between.
Like · December 25 at 6:11am

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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Pam Martinez Damn why she gotta have an apron stomach & double chin? Why can’t she just have curves and some meat on her bones? She is plus sized! Not obese… there is a difference between healthy weight & unhealthy weight dont go overboard now!
Like · Reply · 17 · December 19 at 8:00am viamobile
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Danni Victoria Straube That Barbie is not plus size, it’s obese.
Like · Reply · 17 · December 19 at 2:49am viamobile

Stephanie Bare Can’t we just have a HEALTHY Barbie who doesn’t dress like a whore??
Like · Reply · 17 · December 19 at 6:13am viamobile

Michelle Probst I think they should make a Barbie with curves. Not obese or way skinny just a average sized Barbie
Like · Reply · 16 · December 19 at 4:00am viamobile

Katie Adams Yes but not all big girls have 5 chins
Like · Reply · 17 · December 19 at 3:44am viamobile

Kirsty Spooner I am a curvy girl myself ! So yeah I agree but minus the chins not all plus size girls have double chins !
Like · Reply · 17 · December 19 at 2:35am viamobile

Nicole Dunbar Not all plus size women have 7 chins like that … yes dolls should be all shapes but no so stereotypical like this one
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 7:52am viamobile

Vix Merk Not in a way to say that obesity is ok but they should make them in different healthy shapes & sizes – thick, curvaceous , thin sporty, short , tall – etc kids need to know from a young age that we are all different & we are all beautiful instead of having pressure put on them that they should fit into the mould that is “acceptable” !!!
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 3:34pm viamobile · Edited

Carla Bell Majority of the comments I’ve read say no, because kids look up to barbie, no cause fat is unhealthy, no cause no, no no no! I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But think about the things you’re saying. A doll as a kids roll model….? A doll that’s a size negative 2 at that! Being saverely under weight is just as unhealty as being over weight. And just because your plus size, doesn’t make you obese, or unhealthy. Some people are naturally bigger than others. There’s a reason too… We were all created differently and I think that I’d rather have my daughter play with a plus size barbie, wearing a little more clothes of course. They should come in different sizes shapes, height and ethnicity. And we as parents, aunts, & uncles should already be teaching our kids the importance of diversity, and healthy eating & working out. We should teach them that it’s okay to be different & that we don’t have to walk around looking like skeletons to be beautiful! We should be who our kids look up to, not a molded piece of plastic!!!!!!!! I say YES!!!!!!
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 4:49am viamobile

Muf Brinson no its not okay the childs brain understands this barbie smaller is healthier fat is fat not fun at all yes were all different but we choose not to work out or eat healthy so dont teach your daughter fat is okay its not
Like · December 19 at 11:31am

Carla Bell Smaller is healthier for who?I’ll teach mine what I choose to and you do the same for yours! You idea of fat may not be the same as mine. I’m a plus size woman just because my jeans are in the double digits, but I’m far from fat. And I didn’t say that fat was okay! But all these little girls growing up thinking they need to starve themselves to be considered beautiful is so sad and very misleading!!!!!!
Like · 3 · December 19 at 12:21pm

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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Danielle Kerswill How about AVERAGE SIZE! if Barbie dolls turn out getting made fat girls are gonna think it’s fine to be obese since they already think they have to be skinny by starving themselves to be pretty.
Like · Reply · 16 · December 19 at 4:02am viamobile

Paul Rymar With 70% of USA being overweight or obese. The average size would equal overweight….
Like · 1 · · Edited
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Rhonda Kruse love the fact of having a realistic and curvy doll, but way too many chins is non realistic, it makes us plus size women seem obese and unhealthy
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 3:08am

Andrea Bazner Nothing wrong with a curvy Barbie….real women have curves, show girls it’s ok to have meat on their bones, but the double chins are a little much!!
Like · Reply · 16 · December 19 at 2:50am viamobile

Erin Baran I think the ‘Real Women’ argument needs to be put away. We are all ‘Real Women’ regardless of what size we are and what curves/rolls we happen to have.
Like · 2 · Yesterday at 7:25am

Taylor Steele She must be from the south? Make cornbread not war!
Like · Yesterday at 2:51pm

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Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Brigitte NeoSoultress Ard She dont have to look like that though…that’s a poor representation with the chins.
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 2:38am

Amy Hoefker-Walker Well, ya, but why does she have so many chins?
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 2:31am viamobile

AnnaStasha Misskiss Langston Love the Barbie but that double chin is UGLY
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 2:31am viamobile

Rona E Hugo Barbosa I think Barbie dolls should be made just like us in MANY different shapes n sizes. Limiting any type of toy to jus one size sends a negative message that we as women must look a certain size and be a certain size. Which is wrong!!
Like · Reply · 15 · December 19 at 5:07am viamobile

Kazia Guy Just cos your bigger, dont mean you got so many chins lol
Like · Reply · 14 · December 19 at 3:11am

Brian Bartlett Dolls don’t make people over weight idiots. Poor eating habits and over eating does. There should be plus size dolls. Not every woman is a size 0.
Like · Reply · 12 · December 19 at 3:08am viamobile

Meg Evan ..But the dolls are for kids. This is reinforcing the idea with children that being over weight is ok and should be excepted. Its wrong. children are impressionable. Just like those Bratz dolls and all the girls on TV send a message tell children it is ok to dress like a tramp. We can all see the effects that is having on the youth. The dolls can and will do the same.
Like · 7 · December 19 at 10:46am

Mary Torres I like the idea because the reality is there a lot more plus sized women out here as myself but the chins have to go because we all don’t have 2 and 3 chins! just saying…
Like · December 24 at 12:00pm
Alex Jusi Madlangbayan

Kristen Brown Um Barbie wouldn’t be able to stand upright if she were a real person. Her feet are too small, she is too tall and she would be wildly disproportionate and look like a freak anyways. They should just model them to look like ACTUAL people  try that rather than “sizes”….
Like · Reply · 11 · December 19 at 4:09am viamobile

Allyson Phillips I think they should make a bunch of different babies with different body shapes. No two the same. Like real people.
Like · Reply · 11 · December 19 at 3:38am viamobile

Iam Jayjay Plus size not obese … I would want my future daughter to know that it’s okay to not be skinny and maybe even thick … but obesity is not healthy
Like · Reply · 12 · December 19 at 3:53pm viamobile

Mandi Himler Yeah if they dont have a creepy face like this one! She makes me think of Honey Boo Boo’s mom
Like · Reply · 11 · December 19 at 3:24am viamobile

Alisha Nicole Burrows Not all plus size people have double chins ….
Like · Reply · 12 · December 19 at 3:21am via

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