Phoemela Baranda FHM February 2014 Photo

Phoemela Baranda FHM
Phoemela Baranda on FHM
Credit: FHM

Phoemela Baranda will be on the cover of the FHM February 2014 issue. The celebrity posed t0pless in the upcoming issue of the men’s magazine.

The 33-year-old Phoemela Baranda was only wearing a white panty on the cover photo that was published on Wednesday, January 29.

This will be the third appearance of Baranda on FHM. She previously posed for the magazine in November 2004 and June 2006 issues.

According to Phoemela, she was “so excited! We even shot two different sets—one for online and one for the magazine.”

She revealed that her decision to posed again for FHM is due to “a team that I trust. And of course, it’s FHM naman, it’s my third time and I hope people will still love it. Not just like, but love!”


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