New Google Policies and Principles To Take Effect Nov 11, 2013

New Google Policies and Principles
Google has started a campaign to inform everyone of a change in its policies and principles that takes effect on November 11, 2013.

The new Google Policy indicates the search giant’s plan of displaying people’s faces and comments about products and places on its ads.

However, some of the latest changes to Google’s policy is facing protests from several sectors.

To let Google know about their disgust about the changes, some people immediately changed or removed their image profiles on the Google+.

Though the search giant explained that users can opt-out of its new policy, it may need a more elaborate picture of the changes to ease protest actions from users.

In 2011, Facebook was slapped with a $20 million fine for using images of people without seeking permission.

Google should learn from its rival social networking site to avoid backlash later.

You can read more of the controversial Google’s latest policy tweak to know why people are up in arms.


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