Mean Mower by Honda is World’s Fastest Riding Lawnmower (VIDEO)

Honda Mean Mower
Honda Mean Mower is world’s fastest lawnmower
Credit: Honda

The world’s fastest lawnmower title reportedly belongs to Honda’s Mean Mower boasting a top speed record of 116.57 mph, according to the UK division of Honda.

Honda Mean Mower is powered by a 1.0-liter engine from a Honda motorcycle that is almost seven times more powerful than the usual lawnmower.

Some of the Mean Mower features include a:

  • six-speed transmission,
  • racing seat,
  • high performance ATV tires,
  • steering rack from a Morris Minor automobile
  • fiberglass cutting deck that lightens the lawnmower
  • blade is powered by electric motors and cuts grass up to 15 mph

Watch the following Honda Mean Mower YouTube video to get a glimpse of the world’s fastest lawnmower in action.

Below is a commercial video of the Honda Mean Mower.


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