Manny Pacquiao wins via unanimous decision vs. Brandon Rios

Pacquiao vs Rios 2013
Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios
Credit: Top Rank

It was a total domination for Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao as he won over Brandon Rios at The Venetian Macao in Macau, China on Saturday, November 23, 2013 (Sunday in Manila). Pacquiao beat Rios via unanimous decision as the three judges scored the fight 120-118, 119-109, 118-110 all for Pacman.

Pacquiao was in full control during the entire 12-round fight against Rios. The People’s Champ was never threatened by the American boxer who ended up a battered fighter.

It was a sweet victory and redemption for the Filipino boxer who dedicated his bout versus Rios to his countrymen battered by Typhoon Haiyan.

Below is the round by round account of the Pacquiao vs Rios 2013 bout.

Round 1

Pacquiao trying to go to the body early, connects with a straight left.

Pacquiao connects again, lands a combination. Rios down!

While in a clinch, Rios connects on body punches but Pacquiao shrugs them off.

Pacquiao lands flush on Rios’ face but Rios just shakes his head at the Pacman. First round to Pacquiao.

Round 2

Straight left to the face of Rios. Pacquiao again landing combinations. Rios returns with body punches.

Pacquiao using his jab, trying to break through Rios’ guard. Rios pushing Pacquiao to the ropes.

Pacquiao landing now to the body. Pacquiao with another combination. Rios counters with a combo of his own

Final 10 seconds and Pacquiao lands flush on Rios’ face again. Unloads more punches. Rios tries to answer back as bell rings.

 Round 3

Rios more aggressive to start the third, again trying to push Pacquiao to a corner.

Pacquiao ducking away from Rios’ punches. Unloads more right hands on Rios, who is standing in the middle of the ring.

Rios briefly corners Pacquia, but the Pacman brings the fight back to the center of the ring.

Upper cut by Rios but Pacquiao counters with a left hand. Rios tries to go to the body again.

 Round 4

Another combination lands for Pacquiao, then a wild swing and a miss for Rios.

In a clinch, Rios lands a few punches. Rios opening up more now, but can’t avoid Pacquiao’s punches.

Another solid straight to Rios’ face. Pacquiao slipping away from his punches, keeping Rios off balance.

Round 5

Rios trying to jab now. They clinch. Huge straight to Rios’ face by Pacquiao. Rios just sticks his tongue out.

Rios too slow at this point to avoid Pacquiao’s punches, but his chin is solid. Absorbing some huge blows.

Pacquiao lands another combination. Rios trying to go to the body again, but Pacquiao is piercing his guard now.

Round 6

Left straight lands for Manny. Rios warned for a low blow. Pacquiao moving very well, keeping Rios off balance.

Pacquiao using different angles. Rios too slow to avoid him. Pacquiao teeing off on Rios

Rios may be bleeding from a cut on his let eye. Pacquiao in complete control.

Round 7

Pacquiao with punches both to the head and the body. Ducks a punch by Rios, then tees off. Rios shrugs it off.

Rios is still smirking, but he’s not landing any significant blows. Clinches against Pacquiao.

Rios cut above his right eye now as well.

Round 8

Rios tries to push Pacquiao to the ropes again, but Pacquiao slips out and lands to the body.

Rios clinches again and manages to land a few shots, but Pacquiao returns with another combination.

Pacquiao just slipping and ducking away from Rios’ punches. Pacquiao ends the round with a flurry.

Round 9

Pacquiao starts the ninth round with a couple of punches to the body of Rios.

Pacquiao doing a good job of moving in and out, not allowing Rios to gain any rhythm.

Pacquiao with another combination, but Rios retaliates.

Round 10

Pacquiao again evading Rios’ punches. Another near slip by Rios. Pacquiao landing to Rios’ face again. #PacRios

Rios just missing with a wide right hook. Pacquiao still moving very well late in the fight.

Pacquiao in complete control. Rios can’t find his target; Pacquiao just too quick.

Round 11

Pacquiao keeps circling Rios, now lands a combination. RIos misses with a lunging shot.

Rios looks battered now. Pacquiao landing more shots to his head.

Just no significant punches at all for Rios. Blood pouring from his eye now. Last round coming up.

Round 12

Pacquiao lands a shot that briefly buckles Rios’ knees. Rios doesn’t go down, however.

Pacquiao keeps attacking, targeting Rios who was briefly backed into a corner.

Bell rings, and Pacquiao and Rios embrace after a brief staredown.

The round by round comments is credited to ABS-CBN News Channel.

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