iPhone 6 Rumors: New iPhone 6 Image Leaked (Photo)

iPhone 6 Photo
iPhone 6 latest leaked photo
Credit: Forbes

Is the latest iPhone 6 photo for real or a fake? Rumors surrounding Apple iPhone 6 is expected to continue making rounds over the internet before its actual release date.

The latest rumor about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 is a leaked image of the purported smartphone.

iPhone 6 leaked photo features a Touch ID and thinner form factor with gray and gold color. Looking closely on the iPhone 6 image above, you will notice that it has a larger screen. The iPhone 6 has a rounded edge which has been part of earlier rumor about Apple’s upcoming smartphone. However, what is shown is on the iPhone 6 photo is just the bottom part. There was no picture of either side of the smartphone.

Could this be the real next-generation iPhone or is it just one imaginary product brought about by rendering applications?

What can you say about the latest leaked image of iPhone 6? Let us know your thoughts by posting your comments below this article.


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