iOS 7.0.3 Bug Found on Apple iPhone 5 (Photos)

iOS 7

iOS 7

A new Apple iOS 7.0.3 bug was personally discovered by this author on Sunday, October 27, 2013. The status bar of my iPhone 5 failed to return to the top of the screen. (see screenshots below)

My nephew was actually playing with my iPhone 5 and accidentally zoom out the screen.

I returned the screen to its original size by tapping the screen with two fingers while it is inverted. However, the status bar remained inverted at the bottom of the screen even though I already revert back the screen to its original orientation. I immediately took several screenshots with different backgrounds, while the status bar is still at the bottom.

The status bar returned to its original place when I restart my iPhone.

When I tried to simulate what happened, I was unable to place the status bar at the bottom. I am still trying and will update this article as soon as I discover how.

For the meantime, you may see below the proof of this iOS 7.0.3 bug that I experienced using an Apple iPhone 5. The following iOS 7.0.3 bug photos were taken personally using my mobile phone.

iOS 7.0.3 bug

iOS 7.0.3 bug

iOS 7.0.3 bug


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