GM Recalls Chevrolet Camaro Cars

GM Chevrolet Camaro Recall 2014
GM Chevrolet Camaro recall
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A new GM recall 2014 has been issued by one of the world’s top car manufacturer.

Chevrolet car recall has been issued by General Motors (GM) on its Camaro models sold in North America.

About 500,000 cars were being recalled due to a faulty ignition system, according to GM.

While the car is running, the driver’s knee may hit the key fob and turn off the car.

The car manufacturer has already received reports that the faulty Chevrolet Camaro has resulted into three crashes, with four individuals suffered minor injuries.

GM has already recalled over 13 million cars this year. Among the models recalled include Saab 9-3 convertibles, Chevrolet Sonic cars, and 2014 Buicks.

As a way of preventive action, GM has issued a guide on its Twitter account to initially address the problem. Below is GM’s guide:

gm recall

With all the recalls being issued by GM, will you still be buying their cars?


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