Giant Tuna Weighing 907-pound Sets New World Record for Lady Angler

giant bluefin tuna
Giant Bluefin Tuna Sets New World Record
Credit: SaltWaterSportsMan

A female angler set a new world for catching a giant bluefin tuna, according to the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. It was reportedly the heaviest and biggest fish ever caught by a female angler.

Donna Pascoe reportedly aboard a yacht named Gladiator caught an enormous 907-pound bluefin tuna during a tournament last February 19.

In a statement, Pascoe recalled that she caught the tuna “at 9:10 a.m. with the reel screaming.” She added that “The fish never surfaced, so we had no idea what was on the other end. After three hours, the fish surfaced and the skipper yelled, ‘Tuna, world record!’ Pascoe explained that “The line was peeling out like a freight train. As usual, I was pretty nervous that I might get spooled. Thankfully, the fish stopped running and I was able to get a bit of line back in.”

The International Game Fish Association listed the current world record Pacific bluefin tuna at 777-pound, 1-ounce Pacific bluefin caught off New Zealand by Kevin Baker last September 2013. Pascoe’s catch is more than 130-pounds heavier than that of Baker.

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  1. Noriko says:

    I also have tonnes of qutoeisns, especially regarding the way all these meetings are mangaged. Since tuna is actually a quite important protein source for Japan, you’d expect better reporting…

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