Derrick Rose MRI results on knee injury

Derrick Rose MRI Results

Derrick Rose

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose will undergo an MRI on his right knee Saturday, November 23 in Los Angeles. The results of the MRI will surely clear the air on whether Rose will be able to continue playing the entire 2013-2014 NBA season.

During the game against the Portland Trailblazers, Rose injured his right knee while attempting a drive to the basket.

Rose was seen being assisted as he goes to the locker room early in the game. He did not return and was scheduled for an MRI early Saturday.

In a statement, a worried Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau explained.

He has pain and it felt like he couldn’t push off his right knee. I’m concerned. Any time anyone goes down, you’re concerned. But I don’t want to speculate until we get more information.

He’s disappointed he couldn’t finish the game. Derrick’s a hard guy to read. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion.

Again, I don’t want to speculate on what it is and what it might be, other than my concern for him. I know how much work he has put into his rehab and the type of person and player he is. So I feel for him because of all the things that he does and what they mean to our team.

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