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Millions of Crabs Walks on Australia’s Christmas Island (Video)

Crab walk: Credit: Di Masters Millions of crabs started walking to migrate on Australia’s Christmas island. This annual phenomenon reportedly occurs as the rainy season starts at the end of each year. Reports say that over 40 million adult red crabs walks about 9-kilometers or approximately 5.5 miles “from the middle of the island to […]

Giant Rubik’s Cube: Interactive Puzzle Facade Glows in Linz, Austria (Video)

Puzzle Facade: Giant Interactive Rubik’s Cube Credit: Vimeo Video Grab/ Javier Lloret The Ars Electronica exhibition centre building in Linz, Austria was converted into a giant interactive Rubik’s Cube called Puzzle Facade. A report by Daily Mail said that the entire building was illuminated with colored lights that duplicated the six-sided colored Rubik’s Cube. Puzzle […]

Cyber Monday 2013 deals could be better than Black Friday?

Cyber Monday deals may not be as popular as Black Friday but the deals that online shoppers can find may be more competitive. Several 2013 Cyber Monday ads of top US retailers reveal bigger discounts on a wide range of items compared to Black Friday last week. Among the major online stores offering the best […]

Freedom Ship: World’s largest and first floating city (Photos)

Building the world’s first floating city, Freedom Ship, needs $10 billion, according to a Florida-based company. Freedom Ship is a mile-long 25-story floating city, with an airport, schools, casinos, ballfield and aquarium. It can accommodate up to 50,000 passengers, 30,000 daily visitors, 20,000 crew and 10,000 overnight guests. Reports say that the largest sea vessel […]

Kobe Bryant: Black Mamba sets NBA return on December 5

Kobe Bryant Credit: Kobe Bryant has not been playing competitive basketball since April 12, after he suffered a torn Achilles’ tendon. Now, he is reportedly making his 2013-2014 NBA Season return on Friday, December 5, 2013. The rumor of the Black Mamba’s early NBA return was due to a statement by Los Angeles Lakers […]

Ping Lacson accepts rehabilitation czar position

Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson Credit: Quierosaber Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson has accepted the offer of President Benigno S. Aquino III. to be the head of government’s rehabilitation of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan ravaged Visayan region. Lacson will be tasked to oversee the clean-up and restoration of heavily damaged Region 8 areas that include Samar and Leyte. In an interview […]