Claudine Barretto a Battered Celebrity Wife? (Latest Photos, Video)

Claudine Barretto battered wife photo

Is Claudine Barretto really a battered wife as she claims to be? What do you think about the latest expose of Claudine Barretto?

Claudine Barretto made a recent pronouncement that she is a battered wife. The lawyer of Raymart Santiago’s celebrity wife posted several pictures of her on Twitter. Barretto appeared to have bruises on her face particularly below her eyes.

Claudine Barretto battered wife

There was also a video of Claudine Barretto where she exposed bruises on her thigh. The actress claimed that she suffered the bruises from cigarette butts. But who could have done this to her?

Watch the video below showing Claudine Barretto’s bruises. Kindly post your comments below this article.


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