Cedric Lee Gets Raymond Fortun as Spokesman vs. Vhong Navarro

Raymond Fortun and Cedric Lee
Atty. Raymond Fortun is Cedric Lee’s official spokesman.
Credit: PhilStar

Cedric Lee has acquired the services of high profile lawyer Raymond Fortun as his official spokesman.

Atty. Fortun made the clarification on Saturday, February 8, 2014, that he is not one of Cedric Lee’s lawyers.

Vhong Navarro earlier filed several charges against Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo who are currently represented by Atty. Howard Calleja.

According to The Star, Atty. Raymond Fortun texted, “Spokesperson lang po (Just a spokesperson).”

Earlier reports indicated that Raymond Fortun is the new lawyer of Cedric Lee.

The insinuation the Raymond Fortun is Cedric Lee’s new lawyer was brought about by his Facebook post. According to Fortun, he “enjoy the good fight, and I relish handling the toughest cases. Lawyering for me has never been about the money. It’s about the pursuit for truth and justice, it’s about fairness and equality.”

In an interview on Saturday, Raymond Fortun reminded everyone that the partial video and earlier interview on Cedric Lee cannot be used as evidence against them in court. Since Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo do not have any lawyer with them during the interview, their statements cannot be acceptable in court. Since the video shown by the NBI only constitutes part of the whole recordings in the condominium, it cannot also be entered as an official evidence in court.

What do you think about Atty. Raymond Fortun’s evaluation of the evidence against Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo? Post your comments below this article.

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