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Bigfoot Sightings 2015: Fisherman Sees Bigfoot Bathing (Photos)

The first Bigfoot sighting news for 2015 came from a retired electrician. Bigfoot was reportedly seen bathing in the waters of Hillborough River near Northeast Tampa, Florida last December 26, 2015. According to 66-year-old John Rodriguez, he was able to take a clear picture of Bigfoot while in the waters. The image taken by Rodriguez […]

56-Pound Lobster Fetches $96,000 in China

56-pound multi-colored lobster Image credit: Express Will you eat a 56-pound lobster worth at least $96,000? A massive and colorful lobster was recently hauled by Zheng Lee Pan, a Chinese fisherman. His gigantic lobster reportedly underwent a hotly contested bidding at the Wenling fish market in southeast China. Pan was very surprised with the turnout […]

Dog covered in tar rescued in India (VIDEO)

Dog Covered in Tar Credit: Animal Aid A dog was reportedly covered in tar in Western India. Thanks to a group of timely rescuers, the dog survived the unusual ordeal. Watch below an Animal Aid video showing how rescuers treated the dog that was covered in hot tar.

Snake Eating Croc Video

Snake Eating Croc Credit: Tiffany Corlis A snake was caught on camera while eating a croc in Queensland, Australia on Sunday, March 2, 2014. Watch the following video and see how the struggle ended with the snake eating the croc. Tiffany Corlis, a Mount Isa lady, witnessed the scene. According to Corlis, “[The crocodile] was […]

Dead Man Wakes Up in Mississippi (VIDEO)

How will you react when you see a declared dead man suddenly wakes up inside his body bag? Walter Williams, a 78-year-old American, was actually declared dead since Wednesday evening after medics failed to find his pulse. When he was about to be embalmed inside the Porters and Sons Funeral Home, workers suddenly noticed movement […]