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Millions of Crabs Walks on Australia’s Christmas Island (Video)

Crab walk: Credit: Di Masters Millions of crabs started walking to migrate on Australia’s Christmas island. This annual phenomenon reportedly occurs as the rainy season starts at the end of each year. Reports say that over 40 million adult red crabs walks about 9-kilometers or approximately 5.5 miles “from the middle of the island to […]

Giant Rubik’s Cube: Interactive Puzzle Facade Glows in Linz, Austria (Video)

Puzzle Facade: Giant Interactive Rubik’s Cube Credit: Vimeo Video Grab/ Javier Lloret The Ars Electronica exhibition centre building in Linz, Austria was converted into a giant interactive Rubik’s Cube called Puzzle Facade. A report by Daily Mail said that the entire building was illuminated with colored lights that duplicated the six-sided colored Rubik’s Cube. Puzzle […]

Freedom Ship: World’s largest and first floating city (Photos)

Building the world’s first floating city, Freedom Ship, needs $10 billion, according to a Florida-based company. Freedom Ship is a mile-long 25-story floating city, with an airport, schools, casinos, ballfield and aquarium. It can accommodate up to 50,000 passengers, 30,000 daily visitors, 20,000 crew and 10,000 overnight guests. Reports say that the largest sea vessel […]

World’s Oldest Animal? Ming, 507-year-old shellfish

A 507-year-old shellfish named Ming is being considered as the world’s oldest living animal until it died at the hands of Bangor University researchers. Ming, world’s oldest animal Credit: Bangor University Scientists were trying to determine the real age of the bi-valve mollusk and accidentally killed it. Ming’s age was determined by counting its rings. […]

Pink Star Diamond Ring Sold to Isaac Wolf for $83M

Pink Star Diamond Ring Credit: Tyrone Siu The 59.60-carat diamond ring, known as “Pink Star“, fetched $83 million during a Sotheby’s auction at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Lake Geneva on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Pink Star, the largest in its class ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), reportedly set a world […]

Rare 206-Pound Albino Wels Catfish Caught by Bernie Campbell (Photos)

A rare albino wels catfish, weighing about 206-pounds, was caught by British fisherman Bernie Campbell in River Ebro near Barcelona, Spain. It took seven years before the 54-year-old Campbell got the chance to finally snatch a rare catfish. According to expert anglers, Campbell’s 8-feet-long albino wels catfish could set a world record. John Dankin of […]

14-Pound Baby Boy Born in Utah by Sara Brandon (Video)

A 14-pound baby was born at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, Utah via caesarian section last May 9. As of posting, the baby boy is considered the heaviest US baby born in 2013. Joel Brandon Jr: 14-pound baby Credit: Sara Brandon Sara Brandon named her 22 inches long son, Joel Brandon Jr. or J.J. Brandon’s […]

World’s Tallest Statue: India’s 600-foot Statue of Unity

The world’s tallest statue will soon rise in an island in India‘s Narmada river and it might become the latest wonder of the world. World’s tallest statue: India’s Statue of Unity Image credit: Sam Panthaky According to reports, the construction of the 600-feet statue has started on Thursday, October 31, 2013. The statue will approximately […]

007 Submarine Car: Elon Musk Buys James Bond Lotus Esprit for $968,000

007 Submrine Car Credit: RM Auctions A submarine car of James Bond, a.k.a. Agent 007, was auctioned off for $968,000 (616,000 pounds) in London last month. The 007 submarine car was confirmed to have been bought by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. James Bond‘s submarine car, a submersible Lotus Esprit, became popular in 1977 when it […]

132-pound Giant Siamese Carp Caught by Angler in Thailand

132-pound Giant Siamese Carp Credit: Stuart Gillham/BNPS A 132-pound Siamese carp, that could be the world’s largest, was reportedly caught by an English angler at the Gillham’s fishing resort in Krabi, Thailand. An earlier report by the Metro said that, Keith Williams maybe in for a new world record with his large haul that weighs […]