Asteroid 2032: 2013 TV 135 may hit Earth, says Ukranian Scientists

Asteroid 2032

Credit: Wikipedia

Asteroid seen to impact Earth on 2032. Does it scare you? Maybe others may not mind having an asteroid on year 2032 since it is 19-years more to go. By that time, NASA may be able to think of ways to ward off this threat.

But how big is this asteroid? Is there a definite date that this asteroid will hit Earth?

Ukranian scientists warned that a massive asteroid will hit earth compared with the power of 2,500 nuclear bombs. These experts are anticipating that the 1,300 feet wide asteroid may hit Earth on August 2032.

Scientists named the asteroid – 2013 TV 135.

Now, are you worried? NASA has given a 1 out of 63,000 chance that the asteroid 2013 will hit earth. With the slim chance of an Earth landing, we may be more worried about the increase in worldwide earthquake, massive flooding and other natural disasters.

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