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Apple Watch
Apple Watch
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The Apple Watch was unveiled by CEO Tim Cook during an event at Flint Center in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Apple Watch is the latest product introduced during the post-Steve Jobs era.

According to Cook, Watch will be available in early 2015.

Apple Watch uses multiple technologies in conjunction with the iPhone to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard.

The first wearable gadget from Apple will come in three collections: Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition.

Watch features a stainless steel or space black stainless steel cases with Sapphire crystal display.

The Watch Sport variant will have anodized aluminum cases in silver or space gray and a strengthened Ion-X glass display.

Edition model of the Apple Watch features an 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose and a Sapphire crystal display.

User interface with the Apple Watch will be through the touch display or a specially made dial and home button at the side.

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