I-94 90-Car Pile Up Due to Bad Weather

90 car pile up michigan

90-car pile up in Michigan

About 90 cars were involved in a pile up incident at I-94 in the area of Kalamazoo County in Michigan on Friday, January 9, 2014.

The 90-car pile up forced authorities to shutdown both directions of the freeway.

According to reports, the car incident was in between Mile Marker 90 and 92 in the eastbound lanes. Police reportedly shutdown the freeway between Mile Markers 85 (Galesburg exit) and 92 (M-37/Mercury Drive).

As of posting, a person was not able to survived the car crash and a lot of people were injured.

Involved in the 90-car pile up include multiple semis and passenger vehicles. The 70 vehicles involved in the incident was in the westbound lanes while the other 20 is from the eastbound.

Michigan Police immediately instructed the people in the area to move away from the scene due to fireworks and hazardous materials contained in several minis.

Authorities cannot say when the freeway will be opened to motorists.

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