132-pound Giant Siamese Carp Caught by Angler in Thailand

132-pound Siamese Carp in Thailand
132-pound Giant Siamese Carp
Credit: Stuart Gillham/BNPS

A 132-pound Siamese carp, that could be the world’s largest, was reportedly caught by an English angler at the Gillham’s fishing resort in Krabi, Thailand.

An earlier report by the Metro said that, Keith Williams maybe in for a new world record with his large haul that weighs as much as a human being. It took him about 25 minutes to finally reel off the giant Siamese carp.

The 56-year-old angler from Carshalton in Surrey, England got the biggest surprise on his birthday when he caught the fish.

If confirmed by the International Game Fish Association, William’s 132-pound carp will be the world’s largest catch.

Resort owner Stuart Gillham narrated how Williams caught the giant carp.

Keith came out to stay with us with a group of friends to celebrate his 56th birthday. He told his wife that he could feel in his bones that he was going to catch a special fish that day.

His reaction was one of total shock – he said never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would catch a world record.

In the days after this capture Keith was walking around in a daze – he is still saying it has not yet sunk in.”

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